First time in a Gentlemen Club? No worries, we are here to give you the best experience.

What is Angels Club?

Angels Club is a strip club for gentlemen, offering exotic dancing, all-nude strip shows, an amazing selection of the finest champagnes and a spectacular drinks card. Angels Club is the perfect place to unwind with your colleagues after a hard day at the office or have a great night out with the guys.

Who can enter Angels Club?

Angels Club is a strip club for gentlemen – dress and act like a gentleman and you’re more than welcome.

How do I find Angels Club?

We’re located at Nørregade 1 in the heart of Copenhagen, right by the main pedestrian street “Strøget”, 300 meters from Town Hall Square.

Will my boss or my wife find out that I went to a strip club?

Not unless you tell them yourself. All receipts and credit card bills only feature a neutral company name.

Are there any risks visting Angels Club?

Well, our beautiful Angels might steal your heart. Other than that it is perfectly safe. Angels Club is a high-end strip club exclusively for gentlemen. Everyone is screened by our security staff before entering.

Are the girls professional?

Professional dancers, yes. Selected among the best exotic dancers in the world. As for the other way some might interpret the word “professional”… absolutely not! We have the best strip show in Copenhagen.

So it is not a sex club?

No! Absolutely not! Angels Club is a strip club for gentlemen wishing to indulge in thrilling exotic dance and exquisite drinks.

What happens in the private cabins?

They are for gentlemen wishing an exclusive, close range uninterrupted dance performance with nobody else around.

How do I get access to a private cabin?

Just tell our courteous staff and they will arrange it for you.

Is touching allowed?

Ask first – and respect if the answer is “no”. Our Angels are ladies and should be respected as such.

The girls are so beautiful. Can I take pictures?

No! Our Angels create thrilling memories to be treasured in your heart and mind. We enforce a strict no-photography policy. So please keep your cell phone or other camera devices in your pocket.

Angels Club sounds amazing. How do I get there?

There are 3 train stations within 10 minutes walking distance, incl. the Central Station and Nørreport. From 2019 the Metro will stop at the Town Hall Square. Numerous city busses stop quite close by. You can catch a taxi straight to the front door, and there are plenty of parking spaces right across the street.

What are the opening hours?

We open at 9 pm, 7 days a week. And we continue well into the early hours of the morning.

We are a group wishing to enjoy ourselves. Can we reserve a table?

Of course. Give us a call on +45 115 666 or email us at info@angelsclub.dk

Can I eat there too?

No. We offer drinks, strip shows and nude dancing, but not dinner.

We are having a bachelor party. Can you arrange something special for us?

Certainly. Call or email us and we will discuss your requests. Keep in mind though that Angels Club is a strip club for gentlemen. So we expect our guests to behave as such. Having a great time is always fine; being rude and rowdy is not.